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Services to inspire courage in young people, schools & their families

Young people can often find life challenging and overwhelming.

Some young people can be at risk of exclusion and feel hopeless about the future.

Some can avoid attending school or other experiences they find challenging leading to a restrictive life.

Others can find it difficult to navigate the challenges of the social and virtual world.

We are educational and child psychologists who work with school staff and families to create systems that support all young people to develop the skills to face their challenges and to define and navigate their own paths.

"Embrace life’s challenges and let it transform you to the best version of yourself" - Hayley Evans

We provide training, supervision & implementation support for all our programmes listed below.
We also provide bespoke packages of psychologist involvement which can be negotiated with us directly to meet the needs of your school and the young people and the families you support (e.g., a combination of programmes and/or psychological consultation across the year to support specific concerns).


Speak Space

A programme to build effective communication, tolerance & emotional resilience when engaging with the range of ideas, views & topics encountered in a diverse society. We offer this to both primary and secondary settings.


Your Way

A psychologically informed mentoring programme to explore young people’s life story, their values & aspirations and invigorate them to move towards their ideal future.


Embrace Life

Intensive work in building hopeful futures with families and schools of children who are avoiding school or other challenges. This can also include direct psychologist work with young people.


The Magnificent Boys Project

A psychologically informed programme to explore concepts of masculinity & inspire magnificent young men who contribute positively to society.


The Moral Compass

A programme to deepen moral reasoning skills: the ability to consider the impact of one’s behaviour on others. This can lead to positive change in decision making & inter-personal relationships.


Virtual You

Young people can face challenges in relation to the virtual world: social media, gaming, gambling and pornography. We offer psychologically informed approaches to aid young people to reflect on these virtual challenges, consider the effect on their daily routines, well-being & relationships & make plans of action that will support them.


Calm The Storm

A programme designed to promote emotional and behavioural regulation. Particularly helpful for those who have challenges managing anger.


Supervision and Coaching

We provide supervision & coaching for pastoral staff and senior leaders working in challenging environments to promote wellbeing, reflection & values-aligned work.


Family Psychology Work

We offer intensive work with families to deepen understanding of a young person’s challenges, strengthen relationships and build patterns of change that promotes hopeful futures.


The Social Compass

A programme to equip young people with the social skills necessary to effectively negotiate their way through the world. Particularly helpful for young people who can get stuck in high conflict interactions.


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