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Services to inspire courage in your business or organisation

Bold, courageous businesses & organisations are ones in which there is a diversity of viewpoint.

Diverse views provoke critical thinking, innovation, and creative solutions that result in motivated and formidable workforces.

"I never learned from a man who agreed with me"

- Robert A Heinlein

To foster boldness, we need workforces and teams that are psychologically flexible, can communicate clearly, disagree productively, and tolerate challenges.

We are chartered psychologists who will provide consultation, training, and coaching to help your organisation to become an environment that stimulates an engaged, communicative, and resilient workforce.

"The absence of conflict is not harmony, it’s apathy”- Eisenhardt et al., 1997


Cultures of Disagreement

Strategic Offer An in-depth analysis of the communication styles in your organisation and a strategic plan to optimise communication & productive disagreement. This will establish a culture of innovation, motivation, productivity & wellbeing.

Skills Based Offer Two-day skills training for employees on productive disagreement & how these skills can be applied to enhance creativity and productivity within specific work-place contexts.


Coaching for Business

We offer coaching to individuals in your business or organisation. As psychologists, we use powerful, thought- provoking & curious questioning to empower you to better understand your situation, what strengthens & hinders you and help you to take values-aligned action to meet your professional goals.


Resiliency Group Coaching for Business

We offer group coaching session s to support teams and individuals to reflect on their responses to challenge and to develop psychological flexibility to improve their ability to cope with stress.


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